They need all the help we can give them ....

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Well, my four overwintered hedgehogs have been released and hopefully are all off somewhere fit and healthy and doing what hoggies do best ....... good luck guys!!!

I had a rescue hog brought to me last week, found lying at the edge of a field during the day (flies etc), the very kind lady brought her over and poor little hoggie spent most of the first 24 hours sound asleep.

I named her Dawn, and after recovering from her ordeal she eventually came out for something to eat and I could take a better look at her. Blood on her nose and one ear, quite muddy and dirty - suspect she may have been disturbed by a dog.

Anyway, she's slowly getting better each day eating more and look much healthier each day.

The garden's been busy, we have a Robin who visits regularly throughout the day for mealworms to feed her babies - she'll even come down onto my hand now. Also, I think she's spread the word, about the mad lady, and I also now have a lady Blackbird who visits for her regular mouth full of mealworms.

The goldfinches are nesting in the buddlei and have constructed a beautiful little nest, and I already have quite a few visiting hedgehogs.

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